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Why the need for Epoxy Flooring in Malaysia

Why the need for Epoxy Flooring in Malaysia?

  1. To liven up the working environment.
  2. To improve image of the company.
  3. To increase the confidence of potential customers.
  4. To protect the concrete from deterioration and dust.
  5. To increase sense of belonging of the operators and workers.
  6. To improve the productivity of your floors.
  7. To repair visible damages of your floor.
  8. To make your floors easier to maintain.

We provide Free Expert Consultation along with a full line of Epoxy Flooring. For Your Flooring Needs in Malaysia. Call Now For Best Price at 019-3825118

Dover Paint Malaysia offers a range of epoxy floor coating systems which have been developed for a wide range of markets and applications, including residential, commercial and industrial. Our products are characterized by advanced technology and high quality epoxy flooring materials in line with international trends to produce epoxy floors that are not only attractive, but also functional whether it’s for your residence or your business.

At Dover Paint Malaysia, we have developed an engineered approach to industrial epoxy floor protection solution. Even strong concrete will cause dusting and deterioration from normal use. Epoxy Floors suffer considerable abuse from pedestrian traffic to heavy-laden forklifts, periodic mopping and sanitization, mild exposure to corrosive liquids and impact from a pencil drop to a 3-ton roll of paper.

There is no universal material that can fulfil all these industrial needs for epoxy floor protection, economically. We at Dover Paint Malaysia carefully consider the condition of existing epoxy floors, new epoxy floor design and construction parameters, exposure factors, installation restrictions, aesthetic, desired performance and maintenance program before making a recommendation. A poorly chosen or improperly installed floor can result in expensive maintenance, loss of production due to downtime and more importantly risk the safety of the workers and visitors.

Dover Paint Malaysia offers you the peace of mind and a long lasting epoxy floor protection solution. Our range of resinous industrial epoxy floor protection products combines the flexibility of the system, thickness and colour choices for your industrial requirements. We provide a wide variety of floor coating products with wide variety of services from minor repairs to major shutdown maintenance services.

At Dover Paint Malaysia, we produce our own brand of epoxy coatings and toppings. From our cost effective thin film coatings to our heavy-duty epoxy mortars, you’ll find a wide range of floor and wall systems suitable for any industrial environment.

We specialize in the application of ultra-hard wearing two-pack epoxy floor coatings. There are many advantages of having your workshop, showroom, or factory floor finished in this way.

  • Epoxy Flooring
  • Epoxy Heavy Duty Flooring
  • Epoxy Mortar
  • Epoxy Self Levelling
  • Polyurethane Flooring
  • PU Heavy Duty Flooring
  • PU Flooring
  • PU Self Levelling
  • Floor Lining
  • Floor Marking
  • Epoxy Moisture Barrier
  • Waterproofing Moisture Barrier

Want proof that our epoxy flooring products will stand up to its durability to your expectations? We offer test trials. We will apply our paint and coatings system in a small area for you to try. After testing it out for yourself and deciding to use our product, we will subtract the cost of the test trial from your final invoice.

Plan your project today with a Free Quotation from Dover Paint Manufacturer Malaysia. We provide Free Expert Consultation along with a full line of coatings and paint. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on every project. Email us your ENQUIRY or call us today at 019-3825118

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